Poker Kit

Poker Kit – education app

PokerKit – – training Poker app! Learn how to Play Poker online in few clicks! Training table, Audio, Video and Articles. Secrets strategies!

Fast online Poker training. The best content has been prepared for you by the top-ranked professional poker players. You will learn how to bluff in proper way, how to catch the bluffs of your opponents, which cards you have to start with from different positions, Bet Sizing lessons, Bankroll management lessons, Poker moves, Poker tells, poker charts, online trainings tasks and practice.
The materials contain Articles, Audio&Video content. For the main and important topics you have option to try and practice on a poker table to improve your new knowledge in poker. Fast online training on table. Video & Audio education.Video education. Audio poker books. Poker articles. Each topic contains articles, audio and video content with option to get real practice and tasks on a poker table. More than 20 levels of poker education. Learn how to play poker with PokerKit school. This app teaches you everything you need to know about poker from the very basics right up to advanced levels online. Most useful strategies for poker. Special schemes and strategies from top ranked players of the world. Step by step you learn how to play poker offline and on Pokers Star, Party Poker, Uni bet Poker, Bet fair Poker, GG Poker, 88 8Poker, pppoker and upoker online games.